Nirn Auction House (Beta)


Nirn Auction House allows you to trade with anyone across all of Nirn with no listing fees or tax. When using NAH you simply pay the ESO postage fee when you mail a sold item. NAH is a global auction system, unlike the guild store you will be able to list, watch, view, bid for items and buyout items.

Auction Buying and Selling Functionality

  • Ability to post an auction with only starting bid, no buyout price. (Auction Length: 24 hours)
  • Ability to post an auction with starting bid and buyout price. (Auction Length: 7 days)
  • Ability to post auction with only a buyout price. (Auction Length: 7 days)
  • Ability to post buy orders ( WTB )
  • Price history using verified sale prices
  • Can't auction bound or stolen items!

Posting Auctions / Selling Items

  • Right click menu to auction items in your inventory(can auction/cancel items directly from your inventory, crafting bag, or equipped items)
  • Order tracking so you can see all your auctions and status of bids
  • Fulfill orders by a click of a button - add-on will automatically send and COD item to the buyer (Items need to be in your inventory!)

Buyer / Seller Protection

  • Buyer Protection (If seller doesn't fulfill trades seller will lose ranking each time, when ranking goes too low account is banned)
  • Seller Protection (If buyer doesn't pay for trades buyer will lose ranking each time, when ranking goes too low account is banned)
  • Client account authenticity tokens
  • Buyer can only bid/buyout items if you can afford them

Plugin Hotkeys

  • Hotkey to Sync Auction Data and Open Auction Window
  • Hotkey to Toggle Auction Window Open and Closed
  • Hotkey to Show/Hide interface buttons
  • Modifiable key bindings

Search Features

  • Basic Search Functionality (item name search)
  • Item Info Search Functionality (item details search)
  • Persistent search settings
  • Sort functionality ( bid / buyout / name / quantity / time left / item type)
  • Full Search filter Functionality (based on guild store filters)
    • Item Type
    • Item Level
    • Item Quality
    • Item Price
    • Item Categories
    • Item SubCategories
    • Item Slot
    • Item Enchants
    • Item Traits


  • Integration to Master Merchant - tooltips show Master Merchant price tracking data in auction house including the Sales History Scatter Chart - *optional in settings
  • Integration to Master Merchant - Track auctions and store the price data in master merchant - *optional in settings

General Auction Information

  • Listings with a buyout price will last 7 days
  • Listings with no buyout price will last 24 hours
  • Listing limit 100 - you can only have 100 auctions at a time
  • Setting to Only show active trades (Hide trades where the seller does not have Server Link active)
  • Buy Orders WTB (right click menu)
  • Price checks to chat (right click menu)
  • Translated for all languages (need feedback)
  • Server link required to communicate with server (NirnAuctionHouse.exe) *PC Only for now

Install Instructions:

  1. Download and unzip the files into your ESO addon folder (default is Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns) Or you can install it with Minion
  2. When playing ESO, run the Server Link (NirnAuctionHouse.exe) if it's not already running
  3. Sell More Items by reaching more people


  • TNTKokser - German Translations
  • Remedy - Testing / Bugfixes
  • Betheny - Testing / Bugfixes